Choosing Supplements that Increase Semen Volume

One of the most effective ways of increasing semen volume is using supplements. There are numerous types and brands of supplements in the market designed specifically to help increase semen production in males. Determining the right supplements to increase sperm volume can be quite difficult, especially if you have never tried using them before. Below are some considerations you can make to help you choose the right supplements.


healthy spermsGenerally, you should choose the highest quality supplements that you can access. Higher quality supplements are usually more effective. Start by checking the ingredients used in the supplement. You can research to find out more about the quality and effectiveness of the ingredients regarding increasing the quantity of semen. Having more ingredients might also be beneficial if the additional ingredients increase the bioavailability and efficacy of the supplement.

Dosage and Formula

Regarding formulas and dosage, more is not necessarily better. The dosage usually depends on the concentration of the supplement. The more concentrated it is, the lower the dosage you will need to take. A supplement that requires small doses taken many times in a day can also be better as that offers more chances of absorption. You can also consider the ease or method of ingestion. For example, capsules might not be a good choice for men with digestive problems. You can choose supplements that come in your most preferred form.


The high-quality supplements used to increase semen volume can be quite expensive. You should thus factor in your budget and choose the supplements that you can afford. However, that does not mean that you should go for cheap alternatives if your budget is limited. Because of the poor-quality ingredients used in the cheap supplements, they usually have numerous unwanted side effects. If you are trying to get a baby, you should be able to save enough to get the right supplements, irrespective of the cost.


dietary pills

If you are under other prescription medication, you should find out about the interaction of the medicines with the supplements you intend to use. For that, you should consult your health physician. The doctor can also recommend the right supplements that will not interact with the medication you are using.

Other Effects

Most supplements designed to increase semen production usually offer other desirable effects. Such may include increased libido, orgasm intensity, and strength of erection. Choosing supplements that have more additional beneficial effects might be a good idea.