Functional Medicine: What You Should Know

Functional medicine is the use of knowledge in health, from the perspective of the correct function of the body, to maintain organic balance. It is intended to preserve or restore cellular integrity through the balance of the internal environment. There are several professionals specializing in this field who can help you stay in a perfect state of health.

Functional medicine is equal to integrative or anticipatory medicine and does not examine an individual from the perspective of the disease. One does not ask if you are sick but asks how to improve your health, contributing necessary elements to the body and reducing the excesses that can damage it.

functional medicineThis new paradigm implies greater participation on the part of the patient. They should be aware that the system must cover ideal needs to carry out its functions optimally, and when it does not obtain what is necessary, it is easier for the disease to settle and develop.

More Awareness With Functional Medicine

Using functional medicine forces us to understand that we are a stationary system which requires different substrates to stay in balance and be aware that health has to be actively maintained.

This is why functional medicine pushes towards the education of those who practice it. The relationship with their therapist ceases to be paternalistic, shaping a mutualistic character. Most importantly, you don’t talk about illness but talk about improving health.

The Science and Evidence Behind Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a science-based on clairvoyance, in which new scientific advances are contemplated on an individual with the environment that surrounds them.

Through genetic factors, attitudes and customs, the environment, and the new changes taking place, a comprehensive and complete strategy is planned. This must be periodically reassessed to adapt in “real time.”

Although, at present, this type of medicine is costly, in a short time, and thanks to technological means, preventive and health-promoting programs can be designed. You can anticipate the disease and be able to enjoy longevity with the least number of setbacks.

Functional Medicine and Patient Function

A fundamental objective is the intervention of the patient in the control and maintenance of health. A mutualistic relationship is encouraged, leaving aside traditional paternalism.

The patient, in this case, must take sides, comment, and make decisions together with the health professional, since without the intervention of the affected person, a correct temporary medicine cannot be carried out. In addition, you must increase your acuity to develop critical capacity and comply with the measures you and the health professional decide to be put into practice.